``We frequently hand feed the animals and if it fits with your plans, you’re welcome to join us``


Our Farm Animals

Whilst Jules and I aren’t farmers, we support Sheila Greenwell, a local former vet and all round lovely lady, to rehouse orphaned animals. It’s great for our kids, and our guests love it too, so watch this space for our growing ‘posse’ of pets!


We’re also pleased to announce a new, unique partnership with Sophie and the team at Banksia Park Alpaca Stud,  Sophie is following in her parents hoof-steps and breeding award winning Alpacas for shows, pets and guard animals! Pursuing her passion for breeding, Sophie is one of only a handful of breeders in the country to breed miniature Irish Donkeys!


In our partnership, we become a mid-term home for the donkeys and alpacas to help them socialise in between breeding cycles.  This gives us a great opportunity to have fresh faces and even have babies in the coming months and years (is there a Youtube on how to deliver a donkey baby?)


Sophie then takes on some of our well loved animals that as they grow may need a new home, such as our beloved Chloe the Cow who now grazes with her four-legged friends near Serpentine.


We frequently hand feed the animals and if it fits with your plans, you’re welcome to join us and there’s no extra cost (for our in-house guests).

From June until end October we do feeding generally on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 8.00am at the feeding station in front of the office gate.  You can always join if you’re running late, though beware, animals wait for no-one!


During school and public holidays we generally do the feeding every day, again at 8.00am.


If your stay doesn’t coincide with these days and times, please ask about arranging an alternative feeding time.


We currently have:

> 3 Miniature Irish Donkeys Belle, Betsy (6 months) and Sally
> 5 Sheep including our famous Eddy and the 3 older ‘rastas’
> 2 new born orphan lambs, Henry and Luna, named after the full moon we saw the night she arrived.
> 7 Alpacas including Shelena, Gwyneth, Little Dove, Elara and Bronze Cream and 2 babies (known as Cria)
> Kitty the 6 month old rescue-calf and her new little friend Friesian/Jersey Kimmy
> A couple of chickens and 4 ducks, known as Fuzzy Duck, Ducky Fuzz, Zachary Quack and Gareth.


The lambs and cows were all orphaned so have been hand reared and are receptive to human contact, especially a rub under the neck.  The donkeys are curious and social, though may mistake fingers for carrots so watch where you pat.


The alpacas are social too, though can be a little shy so may not love a pat, but happy to feed from your hand (yes, Alpacas can spit a bit, but generally it’s at each other and the other animals when fighting for food).


They’re all free to roam around the property, though they shouldn’t be in the cottage gardens, or our house garden so please remember to shut the gates.


One word of advice, with any animal we suggest you don’t linger behind any of our friends as they may kick out if they feel threatened.  Best to stay where they can see you!


If you see them lingering at our front gate, feel free to pick a fig leaf and give it to them, they’re kinda obsessed with fig and oak leaves!


The animals are our pets and at time of writing, we don’t intend to BBQ them.

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